First Article : Application
・This agreement between customer of this site and Bit Trade One Cooperation (“BTO”) about business transaction.

Second Article : Contract of Sale
・Customer may purchase BTO product in a manner prescribed.
・For your purchase order, if BTO consent, is considered to have established a sales
contract between BTO and our customers.
・After applied for a purchase, whether established before or after the sales contract customer can not cancel the order.
・BTO will and may freely decide whether to accept registration for customer purchases.
・Our customers , shall pay the Company's products within the period specified in the manner prescribed .
・BTO may cancel the contract when customer order to receive quantity of items than the company inventory.
・At that time, if BTO had received the price of the product as we have already, and shall refund to the customer.
・The customer fails to pay the price of the product in our specified time And shall be able to cancel the sales contract without the holder or any.
・Even after you accept the contract of sale consent may revoke if one of the reasons set forth below,
・If the delivery address to specify the country / region can not be delivered by our contract transportation.
・If customer breach this agreement in the past.
・When BTO find false matters , errors or omissions 」to our customers during the application.
・Customer fails to pay the debt to BTO.
・If Customer have committed an act or interfere with the Site or any other BTO customer service operations.
・Customer refused to receive or return products without a valid reason.
・If BTO find that there was obvious mistake in price products presented in this site and other terms of sale.
・If BTO conclude inappropriate to trade.

Third Article : Product Shipping
・Upon delivery installation and other items such as goods, unpacking, and packing materials shall not recover unless BTO specifically.
・Product shipment dates usually within five working days delays may occur due to other conditions such as inventory.
・Customer can not to change the destination of the products is not allowed. unless the prescribed method by the BTO.
・Involved in the delivery of products such as shipping charge. Except for products specified by BTO responsible by the customer.

Fourth Article : Exchange & Returning Goods.
・Customer may require BTO to exchange or return product if reasons specified below.
(1)Product has obvious defect.
(2)By the fault of BTO item was delivered as different from the product customer ordered. (It does not interpret , delivered product not match with customer intended.)
Customer are not allowed to seek refund or return product .
・However described as pursuant paragraph, some condition customer may exchange BTO product, but if replacement is impossible, due to our circumstances customer may return purchased item for refund.
For the refund to customer the purchased price by the method specified.

Fifth article : Prohibited Acts
・Customer to use of this site following list of act or action shall not be done under any circumstance.

(1) Act with the purpose of unauthorized use of this site.
(2) Infringe the rights of our trademarks, copyrights, design rights, patents, intellectual property rights, portrait rights,publicity or other rights.
(3) Defamation of character or impaired credit, or violate the privacy act.
(4) Linked to fraud and other criminal acts.
(5) The act of impersonating a third party use of this site.
(6) Actions like send or provide harmful programs such as computer viruses, or encourage action.
(7) Tamper with our information or the act of erasing data
(8) Unauthorized use of our facilities acts or disrupting the operation.
(9) Law, public order or violating the Terms
(10) Act to interfere with the operation of this site.
(11) Actions deemed inappropriate for BTO.

・In violation of this Agreement by Customer. If any damages suffer to BTO. BTO may assume compensation for damages.

Sixth Article : BTO Responsible Area
・About BTO products sold to customers, based on product defects such as visible or hiden attributable.
・BTO does not guarantee to customer in case of affected by harmful programs such as computer viruses while using this site.
・BTO can not guarantee any equipment or software while using this site at any circumstance.
・BTO does not pay for any communication costs that occur when you use this site, and shall not bear any.
・This Section is responsible for all of those rules for our customers, any case BTO shall not compensate, your lost profit, Indirect, special, for damages and other legal fees prescribed in this section.

Seventh Article : Revisions of Terms
・BTO terms and conditions without prior notice, and shall be able to change. If you change the terms and conditions, all matters concerning this site shall be determined by the revised terms.

Eighth Article : Governing Law and Jurisdiction
・Interpretation and application of this agreement unless there are special provisions, and shall conform to the laws of Japan.
・Moreover, for all disputes relating to transactions with the BTO, unless special provisions will have exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Yokohama District Court of first instance.

  Enactment October 1 2011

(1) All information gathered from our dealings with orders are used strictly for our reference and would not be passed on to any third party.

(2) Bit Trade One, LTD. agrees to protect user information with all possible ways, within the law of Japan. This include non-disclosure of customer information in regardless of request from any party at all unless such information is required to aid in criminal investigation.

(3) Bit Trade One, LTD. agrees to not sell, rent or in anyway disclose customer information for our benefits in any kind. We understand the importance of such action and consequences towards privacy of user.