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Bit Trade One, LTD
8-10-18 3rd floor Friend building Sagamihara,
Chuuouku, SagamiharaCity, KANAGAWA JAPAN
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Established :
January 1, 2010

We (Corporation Bit Trade One) develop & marketing our own
Electric kit sets use for Business or Hobby.
Japanese venture enterprise established in January 2010.

We design and offer various electric kit set. For example USB paddle controller, Capacitance touche sensor etc...
Sales at electric town in Japan including Akihabara.
We receive good reputation from customers.

Electrics handicraft is world wide hobby.
Thousand of wonderful kit set is produced every day.
In Japan we find various kit set from overseas so far difficult to
Find electric kit set design & made in Japan. This is very disappointing.

That’s what We decide to open electric handicraft international sales
Online shop ”JAPAN KOSAKU”.
[ - KOSAKU] means aim to craft hardware or things by hand in Japanese.
Close to "handmade" in English.

Our aim to make product like.
Well spread concern about person who will assemble,
sophisticated precise detail engineering , unique to Japan.

The pleasure of assembling our products should not exclusive to Japan,
we want to share around the world.
Experience fundamental of Japanese workmanship [KOSAKU]

All Manual & design work out are all translated to English.
Purchase goods are package secure & posting by EMS.
Payment is accept through Paypal.

We expand ”JAPAN KOSAKU” to introduce you
more Japanese electric hand crafting kit set.
Please treat ”JAPAN KOSAKU”& Japanese electric handcrafting kit favorably.

New Japanese electric hand crafting kit set are Coming Soon!!