Horizontal Controller Special Version is design to play with Old Break Out Type games.
Perfect Paddle controller.
At default setting control part(Paddle control)is Mouse move Left and Right
Two buttons are Left& Right click.

Horizontal Controller Special Version  Size

Puddle (rotary encoder) is 200 partitions per round that brings players action will straight to PC.
We use Seimitu kougyou product buttons. Those buttons response are sure to
sense just right amount of firmness to press.

When you see this controller you will notice it’s not just a gaming device.
We believe It has stylish design plus high quality parts used to brings extra something into this it.

The silicon rubber case is not only to protect. It reduces slipping from your hands while playing.

Dial part & two buttons can be set to use for [Key board] [Mouse] [Sound volume control ]

Allocation for each function use setting tool.
It’s for Windows XP / Vista / 7( we checked to make sure to work with 64bits machine. )

Once programmed your settings it will be saved in a Horizontal Controller Special Version
So you can use in another PC with out setting again.

Horizontal Controller SP, ConfigurationTool  Ver1.00 EN
At settings tool these function can be memories to Horizontal Controller Special.
* [Response of dial can be adjust in between 1~100%]
* [specify the Allocation of keyboard ]
* [Mouse movement / wheel up , down / left , right click / wheel click ]
* [Sound volume up, down / Mute ]


[Gamers mode]
  To play Old video game like Break out. Of course Rotary encoder (Paddle) sensibility is 100%
(Movement is same as Old version Horizontal Controller)
CW :
A Botton :
B Botton :
[mouse (left move)] / Move distance 6 / Sensibility 100%
[Mouse (Right move)] / Move distance 6 / Sensibility 100%
[Mouse Left click]
[Mouse Right click]

[Sound Volume control Mode]
  Use Rotary encoder to adjust sound volume!
SW1 to Mute SW2 to 'space' most of sound player use for play & stop.
CW :
A Botton :
B Botton :
[Sound volume control (Volume Up)]/Sensibility 100%
[Sound volume control (Volume Down)]/Sensibility 100%
[Sound volume control (Mute)]
[Key board] 'space'

[Browsing Mode]
  Open browser and page you want to read first after that
Use Left hand only to browsing. Rotary encoder to scroll,
SW1 to close SW2 to Move to Top. Perfect for coffee mug on a hand.
CW :
A Botton :
B Botton :
[Mouse (wheel up)]/Movable distance 1/Sensibility 10%
[Mouse (wheel down)]/Movable distance 1/Sensibility 10%
[Key board] Ctrl + ' w '
[Key board] Ctrl + Shift + ' T '

  Most of time tablet pen on right hand. Change the short cut keys right side buttons to left.
Put Horizontal Controller on left side of key board. Zoom in & out for rotary encoder.
CW :
A Botton :
B Botton :
[Key board] Ctrl + ' - '/Sensibility 10%
[Key board] Ctrl + ' + '/Sensibility 10%
[Key board] ' [ '
[Key board] ' ] '

You can download Manual or Setting tools from here.

*Setting tool
[ HCSP - Configuration Tool ]

* Manual Front & Back
[ Horizontal Controller SP Manual ]

・Firmware rewriting softwere
[ HID BootLoader.exe ]

*Here is a example of list of Setting files.
(Those are files are used in examples.
It has pre-set so just load file and ready to use.)
[ Gamers mode ]
[ Sound volume control ]
[ Browsing mode ]
[ Zoom in / Zoom out mode ]
[ Audio short cut mode ]
[ Photoshop mode ]
[ SAI mode (Paint tool SAI) ]
( All 7 modes of above )


[Product specification]
*Product name : Horizontal Controller Special Version
*Rotary encoder resolution : 200 (One round)
*Rotary encoder knob size :Diameter 30mm(Aluminum)
*Buttons : 2 identical ( Seimitukougyou product)
・Length : 140mm 
・Width : 81mm
・Thickness : 40mm (Not inclde protrusion parts.)

Other function : work with normal driver. Settings saved inside.

*Horizontal Controller Special Version × 1
*Manual × 1
*Decollation sticker sheet × 1

**It dose not include USB cable.
(Please provide your own AB type USB cable)


If you wish to deal our products.
Plase report here

[Retail price]

7,480 YEN ( item weight 300g )

(Produce & Develop)

Bit Trade One, LTD
8-10-18 Friend building Sagamihara Chuouku Sagamihara city Kanagawa Prefecture

(cooperate with)

Absolute Inc

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