・This kit set is make your own radiation detector by theory of Geiger-Müller counter tube.
・Use this device to detect Alpha rays / Beta rays / Gamma rays to find radioactive material around you .
・Make Geiger-Muller tube from Photo Film case. You can learn how the theory works.
( This set include processed film case )
・32 pages of full color easy to make manual has included.
・By the advantages of using film case. Wide inlet , high response and stable voltage controle is possible.
・Data logging is possible by Connect to PC with USB cable.
・Easy Sievert conversion function has loade.



Form here manual and seting tools can downloards

・KIT MANUAL English Version
[1 HowToMake ]
[2 Circuit board Assemble Manual ]
[2(plus) Circuit Diagram ]

・Windows data logging softwere
[ Radiation DataLogger (ver1.03) ]
・Firmware rewriting softwere
[ HID BootLoader.exe ]
・latest firmware
[ AirGeiger Ver001.hex (ver1.04) ]
・board data
[ AirGeiger board data ]

Geiger-Müller counter, Data logger  Ver1.04 (EN)

[Product specification]
・Product name : Air Geiger-Müller counter Kit Set
・Detectable Radiation : α/β/γ Rays
・Detectable Area : Able to detect Natural radiation
(sensibilityis depend on the quality of tube)
・Power source : 006 P type Alkaline battery
(Battery not include this kit)

・Length : 80mm 
・Width : 140mm
・Thickness : 40mm (Not inclde protrusion parts.)

[Things you need to prepare]
・Office paper
・Aluminium foil
・Food wrap
・Ruler (160mm over recommend)
・Gas lighter
・Scotch tape
・Permanent marker
・Solder ling iron set
・Craft knife
・Epoxy bond (two liquid type)
・Alcohol tissue
・Battery (006 P type)
・Mini B tyep USB cable
(You need your own if you want to take log.)

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[Suggested Retail Price]

12,800 YEN ( item weight 350g )

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Mr Yasuyuki Onodera
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